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Christmas Eve

December 25, 2007 Leave a comment

Ah, Christmas–a most joyful time for some, a most depressing time for others. Have you ever taken a walk in the city streets by yourself at 5pm on Christmas Eve? The streets are dark and cold, the stores are closed, all lights are off in some office buildings… Once in a while, you’ll encounter a solitary soul roaming the streets, just like you, aimlessly–or so it would seem. There are people who are far from home, and others who have no home.

How often do fortunate souls think about that as they get their homes and tables ready for a family feast? How many devote a thought or a prayer to those who have nothing to celebrate, no one to celebrate with, no warmth to go to on such a night? or any other night? Are you so busy running around frantically, getting preparations ready, that you forget about those in need? How much money do you spend on unwanted, soon-to-be-recycled/exchanged presents?

What is Christmas truly about?

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One Bad Month (and a half)

December 16, 2007 Leave a comment

I’ve been M.I.A. for a while, and that’s because November proved to be more destructive than productive. I like to keep a low profile when things aren’t going well.

It began with a bad week; I never thought the entire month would suck so bad.

I somehow managed to develop a case of dyshidrosis, or so it seems; that’s what internet research indicates, but it would have been more helpful if my doctor had taken a longer look at it. Or given me advice. Or you know, cared.

But the bulk of my energy has been focused on an allergic reaction I had to a drug (doxycycline) that I started taking on November 21. It was a ten-day course, and by the end the allergy was in full swing. I’m not going to go into details, but I promise you that it was ugly. The steroid pills I was prescribed subsequently had little to no effect, but it seems like the steroid injection I received last week is doing the trick.

But it was my fault. I should have asked my physician about potential side effects and signs of allergy. I should have done more research on the drug before taking it.

It was also the doctor’s fault. If that bitch hadn’t been in such a hurry, if she had taken the time to explain to me what the drug did exactly, maybe, just maybe I would have been more cautious. I wouldn’t have trusted it so blindly; actually, I probably wouldn’t even have taken it.


Somewhere in the middle of all this, my left foot started hurting to the point where walking caused a huge discomfort. Thankfully, it went away on its own; I’m still keeping my appointment with the podiatrist, though.

On a much lighter note, the office holiday party was Thursday night and I got wasted. For free. And I have new music. And I’m addicted to Pandora. And my knitting is decent.

We’re in mid-December, and I hope to be myself again by the new year.

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