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You’re breaking my barrs!

February 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Why do people assume that I was an excellent student? No, I did not “have, like, a 4.0.” And no, I did not “have, like, a 3.9” either.

STOP IT. You’re annoying, and you’re WRONG.

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An Unintentionally Long Weekend

February 18, 2008 Leave a comment

Most people I know have today off; I don’t. It seems like I’ve managed to trick the system (so to speak) by becoming sick–and it’s SO lame. Fortunately, there are things to be done at home, making this day not entirely fruitless. Here they are, in order of unimportance (because I have my priorities straighter than most):

1. Knitting: there’s a scarf on the way! And because I was so scared of being bored, I’ve already started a second one.



2. Reorganizing my music: I have to remove duplicates, edit tags, etc… pain in the ass, but it’s not going to rearrange itself.

3. Back up my photos: burn everything just in case something bad happens to my computer.

4. Taxes! Shit.

5. FAFSA: I thought I was done with this shit after I graduated, but nooooo…here it comes again…

6. Resume: make sure it looks all right.

7. Essay: make sure it looks more than all right.

8. Application: just fucking mail it.

Wow! So much to be done! But who am I kidding; you and I both know that this won’t be happening all in one day.

Oh well, back to my knitting!

By the way, LOST has been fantastic so far.

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