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There are worse things in life…

At the risk of sounding incredibly selfish/egocentric…

How many of you have heard, upon sharing your troubles with someone, that “things could be worse”? that “at least you’re not [insert situation that is more unfortunate that the one you’re currently in]”?

People who say these things are either trying to make you feel better or belittling your problems; if it’s the former, thank you. If it’s the latter, fuck you.

But we all know that things could be worse. Yes, there are people starving in the world. Yes, at least I have food on my plate every day. Sure, my problems are insignificant compared to that — but by no means does it actually make my problems smaller than they really are. You’re not making my troubles vanish when you tell me that. You’re not even remotely decreasing the importance that they have in my eyes, so, while I do appreciate your efforts to make me feel better about my current situation, I’m gonna have to ask you to stop.

Because you’re doing just the opposite. Because you have now successfully made me feel like an asshole for complaining about something that, compared to other things, is so tiny it’s not even worth mentioning. Because things ARE worse; I’ve got my problems AND people are starving in various parts of the world.

And I don’t think you understand how disgusting this actually is. What you’re basically doing is getting satisfaction from the fact that people are starving elsewhere. “Oh, at least I’m not one of the people who are DYING OF HUNGER in, like, Africa or something! My life is now much better! THANK YOU FOR OPENING MY EYES!”

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  1. J
    July 28, 2008 at 2:12

    Wow I never thought about it that way. Wise words, wise words. Love this entry.

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