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A Weekend in NYC

A much anticipated trip to New York City has been made. Lilly had originally planned to go with me, but she changed her mind at the last minute. Pity, really, because she’s leaving for England in about ten days and hasn’t seen our NYC friends in quite a while — save for Iris, who was here during the July 4th weekend.

I left via Chinatown bus on Friday at 1pm and got to New York around 6pm. Iris met me when I arrived and we headed to the Museum of Modern Art because admission is free from 4 to 8pm on Fridays. We didn’t actually get to enjoy it because I had to check my backpack — and the line for that was unbelievably long. I did get to pee, though, so it wasn’t all in vain. We went over to the MoMA Design Store, which was pretty fun though overpriced (naturally).

Went to Chal’s place and hung out there the rest of the night. Luke joined us; we made margaritas, ordered a pizza, and played Pictionary. We painted most of Luke’s nails when he dozed off. Luke and Iris eventually left, and it was about time for bed.

I didn’t really sleep that night. I was on the couch, which was comfortable, and decided to watch TV all night. I watched most of the movie Twisted (Ashley Judd, Andy Garcia, Samuel L. Jackson) and parts of Without a Trace.

Jack of OkCupid fame texted me the next morning; I didn’t reply. Chal and I met up with Iris. It was a beautiful day, so we decided to get some sandwiches at a nearby cafe and settle at the local park for lunch and a game of Trivial Pursuit; it was simply a blissful time.

The Guggenheim came next; I decided once and for all that I really disliked Frank Lloyd Wright’s work. I’m just not impressed with his simple and futuristic designs.

We met up with Luke and a friend of his for Mexican food — delicious Mexican food. The guacamole was made fresh right by our table and the portions were HUGE. The sangria tasted like fruit juice, but at least it was tasty.

Once we were too full to walk, we trekked back to Chal’s place to talk and watch TV. We wanted to get beer, but were way too full and (wisely) decided against it. Everyone went home, and, this time, I slept.

The next day, Chal and I met up with Iris for brunch in the neighborhood. Not bad, but not spectacular either. I got a $5 belt from the thrift store across the street because my pants needed to stay on my ass and to the Metro we went…

Chal left us at the station; Iris rode with me for two thirds of the ride; I thought I was going to miss my 3pm bus but got there right on time to nab one of the last few available seats… which was in the very last row between two guys.

The ride was bumpy but otherwise fine; I can never sleep for too long on buses anyway. I got a text from Raphael while rushing from the Chinatown Metro stop to the bus stop, so there were a few exchanges during the ride but nothing too significant. We found ourselves under a super massive rain cloud; I wondered what the weather was like in DC. I thought for sure the ride would take much longer than five hours, but I turned out to be wrong; it only took thirty minutes longer than the first time around.

DC was humid when I got back. I received some alerts announcing an upcoming heatwave — and they weren’t lying! Today was absolutely atrocious, but Lilly and I ventured into the nearby woods in the late afternoon. It wasn’t a bad hike; saw a snake and a deer, and wandered down random trails.

I’m riding the Chinatown bus again tomorrow; going to Philly this time. I’m only going because my mom’s got an appointment with her ophthalmologist on Thursday. It’ll be nice to be in Philly again… perhaps this time I’ll get to see some folks with whom I didn’t get the chance to meet up last time. Or not. It doesn’t really matter, I’m moving back soon anyway.

I’ll be back in DC on Saturday afternoon… I would have spent the weekend in Philly, but Daina’s birthday celebration is taking place that day and I don’t want to miss it.

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