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Trader Joe’s Complete Body Cleanse, Days 6 – 10

September 8, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Howdy. I’ve been lazy about blogging this cleanse because frankly nothing much is happening. Decreased appetite is still decreased, easy and regular bowel movements are still easy and regular.
Oh, and I fucked up (I had to) last night.

Day 6

I sauteed half a zucchini with some mushrooms and onions; ate that with some eggs for lunch. I had some grapes and oatmeal as a snack later. Dinner consisted for a Morning Star veggie patty with some roasted eggplant. Then I had an oatmeal raisin flax cookie and a square of dark (71%) chocolate.

Day 7

Oatmeal for lunch, oatmeal raisin flax cookie and some grapes as a snack, a cucumber-tomato-olive-onion salad for dinner, and a hard-boiled egg for snack.

Day 8

Oatmeal for breakfast, oatmeal raisin flax cookie (I had a whole box that I’d forgotten about…) and some grapes for snack. Lunch came much later because I was busy removing carpet from part of my house: leftover cucumber salad with a hard-boiled egg, and another hard-boiled egg later as a snack because I was too lazy/tired to make food.

Day 9

Back to work after Labor Day weekend! Was late so the only thing I managed to pack was a container of grapes. A coworker had an apple and gave that to me when we left at 2pm. Once I got home, I had some carrots and scrambled two eggs. For dinner, I went to dinner with my family at a Chinese restaurant whose name I still don’t know despite having patronized them for years. Au menu: striped bass, crabs, lobsters, shrimps… you get the idea.

Day 10

Was late again so I ate once I got to work: the last oatmeal raisin flax cookie, the last of the grapes, and some cut up red pepper (I can’t eat those raw… I gave up). I stopped by CVS to get some (skin) toner and picked up a protein bar while I was at it (holy crap it was good) because I wanted to hit the gym. which I did. and it was fun.

Speaking of working out, I guess I just have to take it easy since I’m not putting enough stuff in my body to sustain a decent workout. At least that’s how I feel… unless it’s the soreness from the carpet-ripping talking.

For dinner tonight? Well, I was bad again. I had some of the lo mein that mom made (veggie for reasons that I don’t feel like explaining right now); it’s customary to have mein (egg noodles) for one’s birthday (it’s mom’s birthday on the lunar calendar today, which is why we went to dinner last night… actually we should have gone tomorrow night, since mom’s gone veg today, but my cousin was in town up until today, so we went last night – I’m so fucking disorganized tonight). ANYWAY, thought I’d indulge (for both me and her) so I had a bit of noodles. Mainly, though, I scrambled two eggs with some mushrooms and onions… and I don’t know what it is, or what I did wrong, but it was bland. I did not enjoy my eggs tonight.

I got some reduced sodium turkey breast cold cuts from Trader Joe’s after the gym today, so I’ll have some of that tomorrow. I also got three bananas. Should I make tomorrow’s lunch now? I don’t think I’ll have time in the morning… we have to leave early to get to the hospital; mom’s having her blood drawn for some pre-admission testing (she’s having surgery on Monday). GAH.

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