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I was an angry student driver:

“How does it feel to have a student driver honk at you? Why, aren’t you high and mighty in your gas-guzzling SUV!”

“Impatient drivers behind me: This is a stop sign, and I, by law, and by virtue of the fact that I’m a student driver (like the big-ass sign on the roof says), am required to stop. Actually, so are you. What does the sign say? Not ‘Slow down to the white line and accelerate’. STOP. The sign fucking says ‘Stop’. Learn how to read.”

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(repeat every day at various times)

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Another Rainy Day

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I’m terrified of stepping on a slug. I’d never seen slugs out and about on sidewalks until I lived in DC… since then, I’ve seen them in Philly, too. Maybe I brought them back with me.

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Life’s funny sometimes.

“I’ll give you a job, but it will be part-time; I’ll give you a wonderful boyfriend, but he will live in a different city.”
Yeah, Life, you funny little bitch.

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For the longest time, I would look at other people’s photographs and think, “Wow, these shots are amazing” — never realizing how much time and effort was put into editing said photos before publishing them online. I find that to be very deceitful, but at least I don’t feel that inadequate anymore.

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Every Day

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I’m so bored I could scream to death.

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Big Ideas

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I’ve always got some ridiculous ideas in my head but also feel incredibly uninspired. unmotivated. unsatisfied.

It think it stemmed from the fact that my thoughts are so far from reality that I don’t even know how I would go about bringing them to fruition.

Listen to me. I don’t even know what the fuck I’m talking about. But if this kid outside doesn’t stop shouting “ISIAAAAAH!” I’m gonna fucking choke him.

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