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Jack of all trades, master of…none?

March 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Though ofttimes better than master of one!

Methinks a decent update is long overdue.

Life–on a non-personal level–is becoming more and more terrifying. I hate hearing about murders and house-fires on the news. I know that shit happens every day, but I’m hearing about it more and more frequently; I’m really afraid that it’s just like the lottery and that one day my number will come up. I wish I knew where I stood on the issue of predetermination so I could deal with life accordingly. And I hate voicing my fears, but I’m getting tired of toting this baggage around.

Saturday’s rain was very soothing–so long as you were sitting comfortably in your living room, that is. I saw the sun peek through the clouds a few times, and I couldn’t help but smile; it made the rain drops look like diamonds. It was a really nice day to sleep in, and that’s just what Mom and I did. We woke up (after noon) lazy, spent the (rest of the) day lazy, and went to bed lazy (I went to bed at 4something in the morning, but that was also out of sheer laziness–too lazy to get off my chair). We did manage to watch discs 3 and 4 of Bewitched’s second season, though.

On a much less lazy note, we went grocery shopping today and enjoyed quite a bit of sunshine. As we prepared to leave, however, I noticed that one of my shoes looked wet.

And it was.


That’s right, just one.


The ENTIRE shoe, too.



I don’t get it. I saw this on Sunday afternoon, and the last time I wore these was Friday evening. All of my shoes rest in our closed porch, and the roof doesn’t leak. And if it did, given the amount of rain we got Friday night and all of Saturday, surely it would have soaked more than just that shoe–at the very least it would have wet the other shoe, which was sitting right next to it. There was no puddle, nothing; just one single solitary wet shoe.

Anyway! I finally got around to taking a picture of my completed red scarf!


I ended up unraveling the blue one because I didn’t like the pattern on it. It just didn’t look right! I think I should get thicker yarn next time. I decided to go for the simple 1k(nit)-1p(url) pattern, like I did for the red one (which, unlike the blue one, has ten rows of ribbing–2k 2p–at both ends).


The lighting sucks, and I should have fixed it in Picasa, but I just remembered and honestly I don’t give that much of a shit. Anyway! I ran out of yarn, and I shall get some more tomorrow (enough to finish the scarf). I had trouble gauging the amount of yarn I’d need to finish the red scarf properly (because of the ribbing at the end), so I ended up erring on the side of caution and left a reasonable amount of yarn behind.

And this is what I did with the rest:


I’m gonna try to find the closest match possible to that yarn, but having bought it in France and all (over ten years ago), I might have a little trouble. HHHHHHHELP.

Meanwhile, I have three balls of baby yarn and I need a pair of size 2 or 3 needles to work with them:


So what happened to jewelry making? Hee. I should really get back to making earrings soon… Maybe I will make a necklace next.

Another thing I’ve been meaning to do is get a huge frame for the two LOST puzzles I’ve completed, and get the third one in the series.

And yet another thing I’ve been meaning to do is transfer some of my past blog posts to this new one. I’ve already started, but I should really finish (though not tonight); see posts from 2005.

Ooh, ooh! I started volunteering for PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) at their adoption center in Old City (2nd and Arch). They have so many cats, and they’re all so cute! They also have two dogs (as of Thursday) and they are cute and affectionate as hell. You should stop by and give the animals some affection (yes, you can go into the rooms and play!) ORRRRRR… volunteer! Lend a hand and a heart! Ah, I can’t wait to go back.

Hopefully in the meantime I won’t get caught in another hobby. Right now I feel like my brain’s turned into yarn.

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I’ve got cacti!

November 1, 2007 1 comment

dsc09126.jpg They’re the cutest prickly things I’ve ever owned. I have yet to find names for them, but I was originally thinking about “Weebl” and “Bob”  (from Weebl & Bob). Cute names for cute things, no?

Weebl and Bob (we’ll call them that for now; you decide which one’s which) are the closest things to pets at the moment. Mom and I were considering betta fish (it’s about time, our respective bettas passed away a while ago now) but–eh, you’ve gotta feed’em and change their water and blah blah blah… A royal pain in the ass if you ask me–for now at least.

My Lil’ Monsta gave me a lil’ scare the other day when it suddenly stopped working…after I dropped it! The blue wheel lit up when I tried to turn it on, but the screen remained dark. I tried accessing recovery mode, looked for answers online, but all was in vain. Until tonight! I decided to give it one more try before calling the SanDisk hotline (help desk technical support thing, if that’s what you want to call it) and lo and behold! It turned on! I somehow managed to enter recovery mode, but then it started giving me shit so I disconnected its ass from my computer. Now it’s decided that it would turn on and stay on, so it’s happily charging. How capricious! Sigh, technology.

I’ve decided (in the last twenty four hours) that I will take up a hobby–a real one, not one of the bullshit hobbies like “watching movies” and “listening to music.” No. I’m already doing that on a daily basis, and believe when I say that, while those are two very entertaining activities and very efficient at passing time pleasantly, they are by no means as satisfying as arts and crafts, or playing a sport (I do go to the gym three+ times per week, but that doesn’t count).

So! I think I will start making bracelets. With yarn. I’m talking quasi-mass production of yarn-made bracelets here. Then maybe I’ll try my hand at jewelry-making, perfect my hand-sewing, refine my knitting… so much to be done, so little time!

Oh, and I suppose I ought to get a job somehow. Something more reliable and permanent than, say, my current gig (that I’ve had since my freshman year in college). I already know where I want to apply (there’s only one job I’m interested in at the moment) but my resume is not ready. NOT. READY. I feel like it’s got a long way to go (because I like things to be perfect) but I think it’s just about done. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore; forgive me, it’s late. I just have to sort out some minor details in my ‘work experience’ section, and that’ll be it. I’ve even got my e-mail “cover letter” crafted.

After that, I guess I should move on to finish my statement of purpose for school next year. I have my mind set on this, so I’d better not fuck it up, but something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that I’m still not certain. I don’t know, do I really want to go that way? Sounds ideal, really. Everyone says so. My mom says so. I think I say so as well. I probably need to sleep on that–I’ll do that in a minute.

I believe I also wanted to bitch about people on the train. Please, if you’re not gonna get off at the next stop, or even at the stop after next, don’t stand in front of the doors like you’re about to jet out of the car. Just sit your ass down; there’s no shortage of seats. Sit. Your ass. DOWN.

I’d better hit the hay now if I want to get up early and watch Quantum Leap tomorrow morning.

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