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Mmm, steak.

May 19, 2008 1 comment

Saturday, Mom and I headed to the King of Prussia mall to look for a handbag and a watch–both for Mom. She got this bag in black, but no luck with watches (she’s looking to replace the watch that she lost a few weekends ago, also a Fossil). Come to think about it, maybe we should have gone to the Fossil store instead of browsing in Macy’s for hours. To be fair, we had coupons for Macy’s, so there.

We got hungry after walking around some more, and headed for our usual spot, the California Pizza Kitchen–only the wait was thirty to forty minutes and we were HUNGRY. We don’t like food courts, so we had to look for another restaurant. I grabbed a map and spotted a Rock Bottom in the other building; remembering the yumminess that was Rock Bottom in Bethesda, I decided that we had to have dinner there.

We were seated immediately. Mom had decided that, if she couldn’t have pizza, she’d have steak; I followed suit. She had a delicious filet mignon with fries and green beans, and I ended up with a New York strip with mashed potatoes and green beans. I had been craving steak for a bit over two years, so that 14oz piece of MEAT definitely hit the spot. For dessert, we shared the triple chocolate stout cheesecake. Even with a stuffy nose, I could tell that it was delicious.

Speaking of stuffy nose, I felt like shit all day Saturday and I still went shopping with my mother. At fucking King of Prussia. And I had a great day.

I didn’t get anything for myself on that shopping trip, but I did find my next perfume! It will be Allure by Chanel. I’d always liked Allure, but I never really experienced it fully. When we were still at Macy’s, I sprayed some on me and walked around to see how the fragrance worked with me. Suffice it to say that I fell completely in love with it! Allure for men is also very, very good. I can’t wait to finish my current perfume! It’s Gucci’s Envy Me–a fun, sweet scent, but I’m generally not a fan of what I call “pink perfumes” (like Yves Saint Laurent’s Babydoll, which I have used in the past). I like warmer, muskier scents.

Another highlight of Saturday was the quick stop we made at Rite Aid before leaving the mall. I bought some NyQuil Cold & Flu, which underage folks aren’t allowed to buy (as I found out at the register, when the cashier asked for my date of birth).

And on that note, it’s time for me to take my NyQuil and get knocked out.

p.s. My chipping red nails didn’t last long. On the morning of the 14th, I took the polish off; that night, I painted my nails white. The white didn’t last long, either; I removed it Friday night.


Changing My Ways

May 12, 2008 Leave a comment

It’s not easy being a big time procrastinator with OCD tendencies. I have somewhat improved procrastination-wise (meaning I’ve been procrastinating less, not better) but I need to work on reducing my OCD quirks. Sure, they comes in handy at times (when I apply them to important things, e.g. work) but I find that I tend to obsess way too much on relatively unimportant things. Like my nails.

I have always really liked nail polish and everything nail-care related. When I was little, my mom and I shared one bottle of a certain shade of metallic pink (much shinier than matte pink). When we ran out, or when the polish lost its fluidity, we bought a new bottle of a different shade of pink. One of my aunts–my father’s younger sister–had herself a box full of pinks, reds, silvers and golds–the glittery silvers and golds, my favorite back then! I turned 12, and by then I had more than just one bottle of nail polish, and more than just pinks; I had pearl-white polish!

One day, I was writing–or coloring–with a black marker when some of it accidentally ended up on one of my certain-shade-of-pink colored nails. As I washed it off, I noticed that it left behind a beautiful cobalt blue. So, I did what any girl would do: I colored every millimeter of every nail with my black marker. After about five minutes, hopeful, I headed for the sink. You should have seen my face–or better yet, my nails! They were shining a wonderful blue and I was ecstatic. I couldn’t wait until I saw my best friend the next morning!

Blue nail polish wasn’t en vogue yet at that time, so everyone looked at my nails–and thought I was crazy. My best friend, dying to sport the same shade, took my marker and colored her pink nails the same way I did mine. It didn’t work. That is when I discovered that it wasn’t the marker but the polish that did the trick.

That summer, or the summer after that summer, I went to California and visited my five older cousins who owned a nail salon. Knowing that I loved nail polish, they sent me home with twenty six different colors of polish. TWENTY SIX. I had blues, purples, browns, reds, pinks, golds–I was in heaven. I kept my nails long, neat, and a different color every few days. Never did I let the color chip beyond the very edge of my nails!

Then, something horrible happened. My nails became yellow and bumpy, “because of all that nail polish,” said my mom. So I let my nails breathe for a while, threw out all that polish (it was almost all gone anyway), and everything returned to normal. I subsequently calmed down and stopped using polish for a while. And then I moved to the States.

I still paint my nails on occasion, and I always have five basic colors: clear, black, white, a dark red/crimson, and a barely-there pink/beige. Some time last week, I painted my nails red. “Bus Stop Crimson,” to be more specific. For the first time EVER, I’m going to let the polish chip. As a matter of fact, I’ve already let it chip; not a whole lot, but a tiny bit around the edge–which has always been enough to make me take it off entirely. This time, I’m letting it chip beyond that but not until there’s only half of it left on each nail, because that’s gross and tacky. I’ll let one fourth of it chip away.

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